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Types of Accessories & Options for the Surrounding of Shower Doors

Types of Accessories & Options for the Surrounding of Shower Doors

When choosing a product category, such as a glass door or other accessories for your shower doors, ensure you select the custom-made shower glass door that meets your needs and design preferences. There are three types: semi-frameless, frameless, and framed shower glass doors. These types have two main sections: swinging and sliding door covers.

Shower Glass Door Frame Options:

1. Frameless Glass Doors

Are you looking for sleek, modern, frameless glass shower doors in a contemporary style? NC Installations offers a wide range of glass doors that will make even a small bathroom seem larger. Frameless shower enclosures have a metal frame around the glass. It is made of tempered glass from 3/8-inch to 1/2″. Frameless shower doors enclosures have headers, U channels, and fasteners to keep the panel in place.

2. Semi-Frameless Doors:

Semi-frameless shower doors have metal around the glass panels’ borders, as opposed to a frameless enclosure. The shower glass door will have a minimal metal frame inside or the lining of the top of the enclosure. Semi-frameless shower enclosure installation can be an attractive alternative for homeowners who prefer a minimalistic or optimizing design but still love the simplicity and elegance of the glass frame. This shower enclosure is made of solid tempered glass and has a 3/8-inch to 14-inch width.

3. Framed Glass Doors:

Framed glass door enclosures have a hard metal plate around the entire unit. They are made with thinner glass than their semi-frameless and frameless counterparts. It usually measures between 5/32 inches and 3/16 inches thin tempered glass.

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The Difference between Swinging and Sliding Shower Doors Enclosures:

1. Sliding Shower Door Enclosures:

Sliding glass showers are also called bypass shower doors. They have a rail system and can be opened with one hand. These doors need a little rail at the top and bottom of the shower door to allow the door to glide on a set or rollers. Frameless, semi-frameless, and framed doors will benefit from sliding door enclosures.

2. Swinging Shower Door Enclosures:

Swinging doors can be opened from the outside by sliding at a fixed point. There are two types: pivot and hinge doors. These shower doors can be linked to fixed glass panels, the bathroom floor/ceiling or the surround of the shower. Both doors can be made to open in the opposite direction. View our Residential Shower Door Options to see a variety of styles and photos of enclosures and shower doors.

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