Planning, designing and remodeling a Raleigh bathroom is a complex, detailed, skilled process, and too many Raleigh remodelers fall short at some point during the bathroom remodeling process. Unreliable trade partners, attempting to complete trades they’re not qualified to perform, questionable remodel practices, and low-quality construction materials are all too often the norm. Our NC Installation process avoids these issues. By intricately planning renovation details, working hand in hand with NC homeowners, and maintaining long term relationships with quality trade partners and suppliers, we deliver some of the best bathrooms Raleigh locals can find.

Raleigh Home Additions

Although you love your residence that is present but believes that your family has outgrown its living area? Homeowners that want to have more distance, without the bother of moving and packing up, turn into house developments. A house addition is an intelligent way to add more space to your house by adding a new room to an exterior wall, while it is a living area, kitchen, studio, dining area, den, etc.. We are the pros to call: Our Design Remodel Company has more than 20 decades of home experience. Our staff of specialist designers and craftsmen are going to be with you each step along the way If you will need a house improvement. From fabric selection and design to the finishing touches as well as building, we’ll create your room that is
new and your home mix. On time, on the budget: Our specialists can help decrease the strain and complications on the way through communication, although NC INSTALLATIONS Design Remodel knows a home improvement project can appear overwhelming. We’ll get to work make certain you get the maximum from your budget and to finish your project.

Raleigh Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is one of the rooms in the home, by your family members and guests. It ought to be comfortable beautiful and relaxing as your home’s remainder. Allow the pros give a toilet renovation to you-you’ll be pleased to show off.

Gorgeous Designs: Our designers will cause you to need to invest some time. Into anything you would like it to be with programs, we’ll transform your space. From everything in between and themes to a classic sense, for making your toilet oasis choices are infinite ! It is All in the Details: Since we understand they make all of the difference, our specialist designers pay attention. They locate the lighting fixtures will install custom made tile and will ensure every element is cohesive that your toilet is precisely what you would like. Performance is Essential: Gone are the times of vanities which accumulate water and toilet paper holders. The design of your bathroom renovation is vital to a product that is functional and gorgeous. Optimize its efficacy, and we put thought to enhance your toilet while emphasizing its attractiveness.

No Longer Shame We do not need you to have a pang of dread as soon as your guests ask for directions and together with our practical and magnificent layouts, you never will. So that you may showcase your new toilet you might need to direct them. In reality, you will understand it was a worthy investment if they gush over its attractiveness.

Raleigh Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is where the magic occurs, so they say. Mealtime, period, and family time – goes on in and around the kitchen. The kitchen is among the rooms in the house – why skimp here? Give your house a kitchen renovation in NC Installations Design Remodel you can appreciate that time in a gorgeous setting together with friends and family.

No Longer Kitsch at the Kitchen

We aim to create your kitchen renovation effective and amazing as possible. We’ll take that faded background and linoleum that is nasty and then transform your space which you could appreciate. We’ll let you get rid of the design appliances, and also those cabinets. The specialists of our Design Remodel will update your kitchen with the most recent trends, such as charging channels, wine coolers and much more. Appliances and these gadgets make your house more efficient and your life easier. Your kitchen renovation is going to be the ideal mix of function and design. Uniquely Yours: You might not have any clue what style you’re after, even the room or a couple of thoughts planned out until you consult with us. This kitchen renovation is going to be customized to suit your family’s lifestyle and your. Your household of children needs a great deal of room for your children and also for food storage. Think about a pantry to arrange all those cereals and snack foods and a counter bar with plenty of room to spread their job out.

Raleigh Home Remodeling

As a reliable and home remodeling contractor that is skilled we have some opportunity to get to understand every customer and help them find ways to decorate their house and make it more functional. Home remodeling may have choices, and we are more than pleased to help. Get in touch if You’re Considering enhancing the look and value of Your House in the surrounding regions or Raleigh. Living Room Remodel: Your living area is the place in your house where life occurs. We could transform your space you enjoy and will enjoy for many years to come. Basement Remodel: Basements uninviting, and do not have to be black, chilly! Let’s your basement turns into an excess living area for your loved ones and you.

Custom Remodeling by Expert Designers in NC

Our house remodeling staff takes pride in attention to craftsmanship and detail, providing a house makeover to our customers they will be pleased to show off to family and their friends. You are pleased with your house, and we are very happy to assist it improves by upgrading the toilet, renovating the kitchen or orchestrating many endeavors. Home remodeling enhances the look and performance of your property. Investing in house remodeling is a fantastic way if you want to raise the worth of your house. Home Remodeling Raleigh: Whether you’re buying a home remodel or a house repair, Our Company is. Moreover, we are pleased to keep on supplying quality remodeling solutions. We could do anything from incorporating dining places to baths that are beautiful, and total kitchen remodels. Are you dreaming of converting an older space to some media space that was contemporary? Our home staff that is a specialist will be happy to make this occur.


Interior carpentry is a craft which is mostly completed with an interior trim work such as casings moldings and woodworking. It’s frequently regarded as the most significant part a job Since the outcomes are more evident than those of some period of building. We take pride in performing great inside design work and mastering all of the specifics. As opposed to simply a side-job for your home project design may be a job by itself. Your Raleigh house would benefit from the increase in price as it arouses appeal. A decorating that is interior is a job worth considering some of the regions or to deliver the maximum bang for your dollar whether You’re in Raleigh or any surrounding areas.

Interior Trim & Molding Installations

Trim may be implemented to some features and has to do with moldings. As boards designed to accent a specific place the trims come. Based upon the design which you wish to accomplish from your carpentry project materials may be utilized like planks, or beadboard and battens, frames, panels, timber. Our years of experience will make the inside of your Raleigh home come alive with all the ideal trim. More popularly called cosmetic moldings, moldings may add a touch of elegance that is contemporary, elegance or into any room. Store for an individual designed to match with the of this space as molding comes at a variety of sizes and styles which range to custom cuts. To the area’s attractiveness, even the easiest of molding layout may include volumes Within a decorating endeavor.

Door and Window Casings & Installations

These kinds of casings are the things that fill in the gaps between doors, the walls, and windows. The achievement of a complete carpentry job lies at the precision in cutting edge, perfect while nailing the remainder of the casing, squaring. They are a far-cry out of what Raleigh and Cary’s homeowners perceive them to be. Door setup is another important element of any home design project. A homeowner may choose between some choices such as fiberglass steel and wood. Each substance has its upsides and downsides. Contact us to find out more.

Shelving Setup and Assembly

Our house design skills extend to tasks such as setup facility, and custom shelving. These particulars are missed or done. Homeowners provide us a call when they’re not pleased with the outcomes of attempting to perform it themselves. Shelving and storage are this important practical part of your house, let’s make business easy with our inside design services!

Raleigh Cabinets and Counter-tops

Cabinets and the countertops make a difference in almost any area. Our design experts can help you install them and to get the countertops to your area. We take pride in controlling the details of design and presenting a gorgeous item to our customers.


Steel Doors Raleigh

As they supply the best amount of protection against 22, steel doors are the alternative for door setup. However the steel can corrode, and the harm can be costly and hard to fix. In case your doorway is exposed to the components or visitors, you might be better off picking a substance that is different.

Fiberglass Doors Raleigh

Doors come in a broad selection of sizes and colors and come a very long way. This door may be a terrific choice as this substance isn’t quite as vulnerable to expansion and the shrinking of the timber if the places that has been coated. This resistance to the elements means you won’t need to touch up the paint or stain with timber, and such doors can last.

Wood Doors Raleigh

Wood is the selection. The flexibility and attractiveness of wood are its strong suit. Wood doors are the kind of doorway but are seen as the most esteemed and come in many different choices. They’ll demand a moderate quantity of upkeep as age and the weather.

Choose NC Installations for Your Door Installation

Deciding the front door will pay off in energy savings that are additional, less maintenance, and performance. You have while including a substantial quantity of value an entrance which will function as a focus for the entry of your home. Irrespective of which door substance you go for, the element is the doorway installer you decide. We give door setup services which serve the requirements of many different entryway layouts and houses. Contact for a free consultation.


Have you got water stains in your ceiling or holes? Would replace it and you wish to eliminate this popcorn ceiling feel that is old? The drywall contractors in Lighthouse Renovation & Repair will assist with drywall and ceiling fix for a reasonable price to the Overland Park or Kansas City area home. Our specialist contractors assess your requirements, will come out to your house and think of a strategy. Whether you’re currently repairing your house up to market or simply giving it a facelift, no job is too big or too small. Minor changes can make a difference.

Reputable Raleigh Drywall Contractors

We pride ourselves! By cutting out bad places in walls and ceilings, restoring the appearance and construction of almost any house with gutters and ceiling fix and drywall installation these fixes enlarge the durability of your property. In case you’ve got a popcorn textured ceiling, then our heating contractors patch and can mend the region. The ceiling will have to be repaired if your house has a feel. Patches are extremely tricky to conceal with this feel. Therefore we re-texture it skim coat the ceiling, and then decorate the ceiling. The drywall contractors in Lighthouse Renovation & Repair take great care to restrict the mess with this kind of job, and we constantly leave your house clean and neat. When fresh drywall installation is necessary, our seasoned drywall contractors will operate to install structurally solid and high quality drywall which won’t just look amazing, but continue for several decades. Should you require ceiling or drywall fix, drywall installation, or asphalt elevator solutions, don’t wait till it’s too late!


Ceilings need repair over time afterward getting stained as a result of weather damage, water flows, and some different explanations, cracked or damaged. Our house ceiling fix and home improvement professionals may supply your house with the handyman solutions you want to fix your ceiling into a pristine condition. Professional & Powerful Ceiling Repairs. We’ve got years of expertise supplying home enhancement and handyman services in the region. Our ceiling fix specialists can often repair and patch the damaged region of the ceiling without affecting the construction of the remaining part of the ceiling. Meaning your home ceiling fix will not necessarily need the ceiling to be mended. We can visit your house to assess the damage and provide you with honest information about the house ceiling fix solutions your ceiling needs.


Do your windows have rotten frames or fogged glass? Are you looking for ways to make your home more energy efficient? The window replacement specialists at NC Installations. Provide Different types of Replacement Windows. There are two main sorts of complete replacement windows we provide Raleigh NC City property owners. Whole Unit Window Replacements With this choice, we eliminate and replace the whole window unit and framework with a completely new”flanged” window unit. The professionals in NC Installations possess years of experience. We all go out of the way when we undertake a unit replacement. Authentic Replacement Windows. Authentic replacement windows serve to attain the functioning of windows while installation of the sort of window necessitates your window frames to maintain a good shape. With this particular window replacement, our staff replaces the sashes, and eliminates the window sashes, leaving the window framework set up.moreover, the home imporvements are in great shape, and if you wish to replace your windows, this might be a cost-effective alternative for you. **Please be aware that we provide entire window replacement, not replacement or repair of individual window panes. Doing the Job Right We exhibit the professionalism, efficiency, and attention whether it’s replacing one window or handling ten window components. Our objective is always to help you attain the look you desire.

Therefore we don’t attempt and market our line of windows; we head out of our way to match the present windows on your home with similar color, design, and quality of windows. We perform with the ability and every single window replacement completely. Whether You’ve Got a large bay window which has broken seals or a small canning window over your tub which is not functioning, we could perform the quality replacements Your windows need.


There are styles and some kinds of siding. Our specialists at NC Installations will work to accommodate it into our clients’ homes’ kind when performing siding restoration. Most siding corrosion could be prevented by getting the appropriate flashing installed and maintaining up with caulking and painting. ***Siding Repair: Preventing Siding Rot Raleigh Siding rust is an issue in Wake County. Wind, hail, and debris may put holes or pop up a seam inducing weather and water to harm your siding. You can push any road and see homes with bulging, flaking, rotten exteriors. When we fix your siding issues, we guarantee that the new siding is flashed and trimmed correctly while perfectly fitting the present color of the siding. From producing its way behind the 9, preventing water is the key to your life from the renovation and also to prevent siding fixes.

Fixing Your Siding Issues Before They Start

A frequent place where we frequently see siding rots is the border of your house near the floor. This is the spot for water float in and to build up. Siding must be at least six inches above floor level; when trim or it ought to be reduced compared to that ought to be set up on those places. The best choice for this situation would be to cut on the siding in the height of this rot-resistant trimming and flash the trimming to the top siding. The motives behind cutting the siding first are to”break” the chance for moisture to wick and also to install flashing. They need to be addressed immediately to prevent additional damage if you see difficulties on your siding. One of our specialist siding professionals may assess the situation and sit together with you talk about the fixed choice for budget and your home. Don’t let your home be the one on the road with outside issues! Let professionals repair your siding!


If you’re having any problems with your deck, don’t think twice before you give us a call ! Deck or A deck may be a superb place for peace and tranquility. For collecting family and friends. For observing. Looking to get a deck can be quite a nightmare. They exposed to the elements and may reveal signs of weathering when they are assembled if not completed properly. Deck fix might look to be a job that is challenging. As a result of this, but with the assistance of our Renovation & Repair, it does not need to be. Our deck repair providers provide everything required to maintain the deck of your home is doing at its absolute finest and safe form. Beautiful Decks, Regardless. It does not matter what it is made of or what sort of deck you’ve got; we are confident we have everything required to ensure the flooring of that your home is in great repair and looks fresh. Our proficient, friendly and specialist artisans are happy to do whatever is required to help get back your pack into eliminating excellent corrosion condition and ensuring security.

Why NC Installation Deck Restoration?

When you select us, you are picking a business that cares about keeping the attractiveness of your dwelling and providing an excellent customer experience. Whether your deck is treated cedar timber or another kind of timber, we are confident that we have what is needed to get your job done. We are certain you’ll have the ability to tell by the caliber of our job that we are dedicated to being the deck repair business for your loved ones and you. Staying on the leading edge of contemporary techniques, and practice, business standards is your character, which means you don’t have to wonder whether your job has been performed in the best way that is possible.


Turn to a Raleigh Deck Builder You Can Trust Deck Building & Deck Repair Raleigh

Repair and our Renovation may tackle of your plumbing needs. We construct a new one and will tear your deck down, by substituting any bowing or jagged wood, or we can fix your deck. Whether the timber is unsound or cosmetic, a deck builder out of NC Installation Renovation and Repair can fix it. A frequent theme on the deck fixes replacing the decking using a product constructed to withstand the parts of their Raleigh weather and is currently rebuilding handrails.

Selecting the Top Materials in Raleigh & Durham NC

When picking decking material, There’s always a trade-off. When searching at pipes products, you will find several types of engineered substances –some are composite substances, which have real wood fibers or dust mixed with different kinds of plastics. These products won’t rust in precisely the same manner as timber, but they are sometimes prone to swelling and molding. Deck restoration can be called for by Applying these kinds of material. There are, but these substances are the most expensive of the materials that are decking and can be embarrassing to walk or perform in the warmth of summertime. Expect a deck builder in NC Installations Renovation and Repair that will assist you to decide what material is logical for your home and budget when you are attempting to decide on the deck material.


Add a Screened in Porch to Your Raleigh or Cary or Durham NC Home

Are you sick of mosquitoes biting and buzzing if you are trying to enjoy in your own NC deck ? A screened porch is an advantage, although substituting your NC custom deck or screening in that present porch may make a difference with not just mosquitoes and other insects. Years ago there weren’t many possibilities for screening on your porch– that the job was, and the process started over when the time came to fix or replace the display. There are several products available on the marketplace which have made an NC porch’s setup procedure more straightforward and fixing screens could be a cinch. NC INSTALLATIONS Renovation has alternatives. The very first step is to rate your deck or porch to learn which sort of screen program will work best for your house. Get ready for the display and next would be to frame on your area.

The seams are sealed, along with your family is about to enjoy your new area ! There are Some things to remember when considering screening on your deck or porch. Which region will benefit your loved ones and you will space be used, space is used for and is this job in my budget what can ? A screened in porch may be utilized play area reading nook or area that was entertaining. To delight in summer, autumn, and winter in the screened in porch, allow one of our pros today, come out to a residence. We’ll evaluate your house and set to explore the best choice for budget and your loved ones.

Raleigh Painting Services

Our paint group is dedicated to surpassing your expectations. On each job, NC Installations delivers high quality finishes with specialist knowledge and years of expertise.

Interior Painting Raleigh

Whether you are searching to paint a room in your home or decorate your kitchen cabinets, then the NC Installations Paint Team will help. They need equipment and are specialists in most painting things to attain. Assessing your property is vital, each job begins with in-depth and extensive prep work. The work places are shut off to protect every area of your house from debris and dust. Freshly drop we use cloths. Through the job, you can expect objectives in addition to updates about the job status. Until we depart, our team will wash up. The job is not complete until you are delighted.

Exterior Painting Raleigh

The Painting team places as much effort into painting your home’s outside . If they leave your home will endure for many years to come, they would like to make sure. Our team places prep work. The group caulk seams, will power-wash, set and caulk nail heads, remove paint and look for timber rot/dry rot. They can fix or replace these segments to be sure the home is properly sealed if the staff does experience wood on your house. The prep does not stop there. Vinyl is set up to shield glass doors and windows, When it’s time to begin painting. Other things and plants will be covered and small branches might be trimmed. Clothes that are drop will be utilized as necessary. Quality products will be used by our craftsmen and make certain that your house looks amazing but it will remain that way for a long time to come.

Cabinet Refinishing Raleigh

Cabinets are a basic part of your house. They compose a big part of your kitchen and baths. Price plays a element when confronted with the choice to replace or replace them. It’s crucial that they are done the correct way although refinishing cabinets are sometimes a on your remodeling job. Peeling or chipping paint isn’t just unattractive but an inconvenience. The Painting group has extensive knowledge in cabinet refinishing in addition to both cupboard. Our crew will be delighted glaze, shading and to discuss the choices available such as teeth and glaze, stain and glaze, blot and color, easy stain or distress, antiquing finish and clear coating. The furniture grade materials will hold up against the wear and tear your cabinets confront. Your cabinets are certain to impress guests !

Less work means less worry and more time to focus on the things that matter in life.

Handyman Services Raleigh NC

Attic Services Raleigh NC

We Install, Clean, Replace & Repair

The attic is out of sight yet important with regards to energy efficiency, indoor air quality and roof integrity. There are five kinds of projects that maintain attics in fantastic condition and conserve money by preventing much less costly repairs down the road. We believe in a convenient, one-call solution in which you can easily callto schedules an appointment and we provides a safe, worry-free experience done by a Raleigh Handyman general contractor.

Attic Stairs & Attic Door Installation Raleigh NC

The attic isn’t always an easy area to get. If you’re tired of getting out the ladder. Talk to your local NC Installations handyman about installing shed down stairs so that you could easily apply your attic space for storage and much more. Our home improvement professionals may also fix unsightly attic doors or set up new attic doors altogether.

Drywall Repairs & Finishing Raleigh NC

We inspect bath room drywall that you guess could have been damaged by water leaks or humidity, and we fix wallboards in a way that ‘therefore smooths out with the décor. We also help home owners by identifying the underlying origin of the leak causing drywall water damage in bathrooms.

Light Fixture Installation & Repair Raleigh NC

Brighten your bath room in NC with entirely new light fixtures. Regardless if you want to light your shower or the entire bath space, our home improvement professionals have experience and knowledge to give your bath room the perfect balance of light.

Shower Door Installation & Repair Raleigh NC

Want your brand-new shower door to need one fixed because it’s off its hinges or monitor and water leaks? We guarantee to come on time and perform quality work that’s guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Tile Installation & Repairs Raleigh NC

Chipped tile in your shower, back splash or bath room floor? One telephone to NC Installations and it is going to look brand new again. Your local handyman general contractor is a professional at installing, repairing and updating all sorts of tile, including: ceramic tile, porcelain tile, stone tile, glass tile.

Bathroom & vanity Mirror Installation Raleigh NC

You’ve the new vanity. Whether it’s been delivered or it’s waiting to be chosen from the store, we may take it from there. We may remove and dispose of your current vanity, prepare the space for fresh dimensions, expertly set up the vanity and incorporate the plumbing. Only one simple telephone call and no hassle.

Patio & deck repair Raleigh NC

Repair, Construct, Power Wash, Seal & More

Your deck or patio is an outdoor extension of your home. However, being exposed to outdoor characters, it needs regular repairs and maintenance to keep it a safe, pleasant place for entertaining guests. We have professional carpenters, masons, tile setters and painters who’re experienced in repairing and maintaining patios and decks in your area, so your deck or patio is equally as pleasant as the inside of your home-and just as comfortable.

Deck Staining, Painting & Finishing Raleigh NC

Every 3 or 4 decades, deck owners re-stain and seal their decks to shield the timber from the humidity which otherwise leads to an expensive reconstruction project. Next to power washing, staining is also the best, fastest way to improve the look of your deck. Sadly, it’s easy for home owners to damage their decks with pressure washers, to stain over already-rotted timber, and to apply the stain before a deck is sufficiently dry.

Living & Dining Room Services Raleigh NC

Install, Hang, Mount, Repair, Assemble & More

Every living area and dining area should be comfortable for family gatherings yet classy for entertaining guests. Our home improvement professionals are continuously completing a broad assortment of projects to refresh the ambiance of those 2 rooms. Whether it’s installing crown molding.

Crown Molding Installation & Repair Raleigh NC

Fresh crown molding gives any room a remarkable final look. Our experienced handymen may help you through all phases of the project–from planning to completion–whatever direction you choose to go. With regards to crown molding, we typically experience these 3 types of jobs:

1) Match Present Molding
2) Paint Crown Molding
3) Install New Crown Molding

Basement Services Raleigh NC

Build, Assemble, Insulate, Install, Store & Repair

The basement presents a fantastic opportunity for entertaining and additional storage space. No matter if you need help assembling an amusement center or constructing a custom storage device, your regional Mr. Handy-man has the experience to complete the job right-no matter how small or big it might be.

Handrail & Stairs Installation Raleigh NC

Give your basement a safe and inviting entryway. No matter if you want to substitute a steep stairway or only add a safety railing, all of our home improvement professionals have experience installing, repairing and replacing staircases through the home. We’re also seasoned with installing under-stair storage space.

Bedroom Services Raleigh NC

Paint, Remodel, Repair, Install & More

Bedroom changes may be decorative or functional. No matter if you need to update style, increase relaxation we are only a call away. That’s because we believe in a convenient, one-call solution that schedules a consultation to be completed with one of our home improvement professionals.

Closet Door Installation Raleigh NC

You pick the ones you like, we set up. Wish to substitute your mirrored doors with solid wood? No problem. No matter if you want to go from hollow doors to sound door, or monitor doors to French-style doors, we have the tools and experience to complete the job right.

Exhaust & Ventilation Fan Installation Raleigh NC

Ventilation fans decrease the temperature in hot garages. They vent dangerous carbon monoxide and particle pollution from woodworking. They also clear out odors, mold-causing humidity and toxicity fumes from gasoline, fertilizer, paint, pesticide and auto exhaust. Make your garage a much safer, more pleasant place to work and play with. Our professionals may suggest the type of fan to fit your needs and install it the same day. They’ll even place it on a timer control or motion sensor.

Garage Door Opener Installation Raleigh NC

Some garage door openers are amazingly loud and jerky. Others could be downright unreliable. No matter if you need help installing a brand-new garage door opener or need help replacing the garage door safety sensors, we might help. the one-call solution for all your garage door needs.

Kitchen Services Raleigh NC

Install, Reface, Remodel, Repair & More

Whether it’s fixing a leaky faucet or installing new cabinets, your regional NC Installations is equipped to handle every major and minor project in your kitchen. In the long run, the kitchen is the heart of the household. Our dependable and expert handyperson services will get the job done right and on time in order your loved ones can get back to making memories.

Kitchen Backsplash Installation Raleigh NC

Installing a rear splash adds a finishing touch to your kitchen. First and foremost, consider your color palette and material options. Our professional handymen have plenty of experience installing all Sorts of back splashes, such as:

1) Glass & Stone Tiles
2) Stainless Steel Sheets
3) Paint or Background

Cabinet Installation & Repair Raleigh NC

We’ll make sure your cabinets are directly, aligned and protected. From peeling laminate to split hinges, our home improvement professionals can get your cabinets looking and working as good as fresh. Regardless if you’re installing completely new cabinets, raising or fixing existing cabinet, our experienced handymen will turn your vision into a reality. You can depend on our Guarantee.

Tile Installation & Repairs Raleigh NC

There’s reason tile is this a popular flooring option from the kitchen. Unlike hardwood and carpet, it’s water resistant and easy to clean. Our handymen have the tools and the expertise to install tile floor through your entire kitchen or any part of your home.

Light Fixture Installation & Repair Raleigh NC

Stop cooking and eating in the dark! Our professional handymen are equipped to install recess lighting, track lights, pendants, chandeliers or whatever type of lighting you would like to add to your kitchen. Whether it’s installing a luminaire over your kitchen table or changing a light bulb, then no job is either too big or too small.

Sink Installation & Repair Raleigh NC

Regardless if you’re eyeing a brand-new farmhouse sink or just must replace the one you presently possess, we’ll make sure your new sink fits into the counter top and operates drip-free. We might even fix or install a brand-new trash disposal.

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