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A Customized Bathroom for Your Raleigh Home

Don’t settle for a store-bought bathroom; get convenience and comfort with a completely custom bathroom design. The Best of the Very Best at Raleigh Bathroom Remodeling. Our NC bathroom remodeling contractors are pleased to have partnerships with some of the best manufacturers in the business, for example Build-A-Bath, Moen, and much more.

We’re able to provide our clients top notch products which offer affordable alternatives to expensive bathtub and shower restoration. When it’s a very simple bath lining replacement or a detailed transformation of your old bathtub to a contemporary shower, then we can provide you with bathroom renovation solutions of the maximum quality at the best possible rates. Find out More about the services Our bathroom remodeling contractors provide from the Raleigh and surrounding regions:

Full Service Remodeling We are so certain you’ll be happy with your entire NC bath remodel, we provide a composed, money-back guarantee.

Fast Bath Remodeling: To get a stress-free, easy, and reasonably priced alternative to your bathroom remodel, our specialists give renowned one-day remodeling alternatives which are entirely hassle-free.

Tub to Shower Conversions: In case you are trying to change or upgrade the design of your bathroom, think about a bathtub to shower transformation from our specialist bath remodelers.

Shower Enclosures: Shower enclosures create the maximum use of your area and may be made to match any style or design.

For exceptional Raleigh NC bathroom renovations and second-to-none customer support, trust us to optimize your entire bathroom renovation alternatives. Together with many home improvements finished, we’ve got extensive experience in all regions, and we know how simple it’s to feel overwhelmed with a bathroom renovation job. Luckily our NC Raleigh renovation experts are specialists in each step of the bathroom remodeling procedure. From amazing wall surround choices to glossy shower enclosures and walk in baths, we have got you covered. Therefore, we are known among the top bathroom remodelers in Raleigh.

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Experts in Tub to Shower Conversions

Convert Bath to Shower:

All our showers are designed to withstand the test of time, resisting flaking, cracking, and mold and mildew. Our shower systems are made to be low-maintenance as you can, so that scrubbing is something of the past. our staff designs a fresh shower which maximizes your area. With all these alternatives, it’s simple to produce the bathroom that you have been dreaming about !

Grimy grout and obsolete colors reminiscent of decades ago are principles of a bathroom shower tub or toilet in need of a makeover. Giving your Bathroom an EXTREME MAKEOVER; the new look and feel that you picture could be as straightforward as a bathroom to shower transformation! Unlike traditionally costly, time consuming remodels, we can make your new shower or tub prepared to use as little as a day ! Bathtub to shower conversions is a favorite for many families. Whether you’re interested in a safer option to scaling over tall tub walls or only wish to produce a more sophisticated design in your bath, our remodeling contractors can supply you with the remodel you would like. For only a fraction of the cost, our showers could be set up in many different styles and colors to best suit your own taste.

Expert Remodeling Walk-In Tubs Raleigh

Walk-In Tub Installation

We take an assortment of walk-in baths that could suit the design of any bathroom and readily fit in precisely the exact same area as your current tub or shower. Our bathtubs are intended to be durable and withstand daily wear and tear. Not only are they incredibly durable, but they’re also low-maintenance. The non-porous substance prevents the buildup of grime and dirt and protects against mold and mildew. You can be certain that you are bathing in a clean, healthful environment.

Our easy-access bathtubs supply an assortment of security features to guarantee a safe bathing alternative. To get in the bathtub, just open the bathtub door! Our heated atmosphere system can also be infused into the water to maintain your tub warm. Additional security features like grip bars and built-in chairs permit you to take your washing freedom back. Fit at the Exact Same area as your Current tub or shower, Thickest acrylic substance from the Market, Long-lasting and withstand daily wear and tear, very low care For anyone who have restricted mobility, it may frequently be tricky to climb to a slick bathroom tub, and for a few it might even eliminate their liberty. Do not worry over the hazards of getting into a tub ever again. The pros at Bath Earth may put in a walk-in bathtub for you in as little as daily. Our simple, affordable bathroom renovations would be the best answer for any household needing a walk-in tub remodel.

Expert Shower Remodels Raleigh

Shower Remodeling Company

Our shower restoration staff can provide you with many different shower renovation choices. By shower-to-tub conversion to substitute showers, we will personalize your shower to make the bathroom of your dreams. With showers in various colors and layouts, such as barrier-free and neo-angled, we can manufacture your own shower to match almost any fashion. Your shower is also retrofitted with a vast selection of accessories, such as shelving units, built-in seats, grab bars, and much more! Regardless of what your vision may be, we could make a shower that satisfies your expectations.

Whether you’re bored of filthy, unsightly tile grout, possess a cracked or leaking bathtub foundation, or only need to make your toilet up-to-date with present tendencies, Bath Planet can provide you with the very simple shower remodel you want. Contrary to other shower remodelers, our specialists can deal with your renovation in a fraction of the cost and get it completed in as little as a day ! Our exceptional procedure and top-quality materials let us put in a brand-new, long-lasting shower with no cluttered, time-consuming building undertaking. Replacement showers, whirlpool shower to your toilet You’ve dreamed of.

Expert Shower Replacements Raleigh

Shower Replacement Company

Whether you’re wanting to upgrade the appearance and feel of your toilet or you have to create a bathtub which is much more accessible to people with restricted mobility, our specialists can style the shower you’re imagining. With many different styles, colors, and accessories readily available, your shower is going to be made to your specific specifications. We can also add built-in seats to make the luxury escape you deserve. We work with only the maximum quality merchandise, using multi-layer oil which withstands daily wear and tear and resists development of mold and mildew.

The low-maintenance shower layout removes the need for scrubbing and waxing and provides you reassurance your shower surround is cleaner and healthier than ever before. This Eliminates the strain of a cluttered, time-consuming, costly bathroom remodel and generates the bathroom of your dreams in as little as a day! Our shower springs are all designed to be performed with minimal disruption to your daily routine, while being fully customized to your toilet and fashion. Our team is dedicated to your full satisfaction, doing your remodel with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. By timeliness to specialist installation, you may be sure that your bathroom remodel is going to be the hassle-free expertise you deserve.

Expert Shower Bases Raleigh

Replacement Shower Bases

Our specialists can provide you with many different shower bases to satisfy your exclusive requirements, custom-fitting your shower foundation to your current toilet. Whether you’re interested in a classic single threshold shower to replace your older one, or you would rather make your shower more available using a barrier-free shower flooring, we’ve got the top products that you would like. Every shower pan is custom made for an own bathroom and made of long-lasting, weatherproof acrylic. The challenging material guarantees your shower will keep its glossy appearance for many years to come!

Not only are our showers lasting, but they’re also quite low-maintenance. The non-porous, grout-free style of the shower foundations does not require the typical scrubbing or waxing, and that means that you may get peace of mind your bathtub is cleaner and healthier than ever before. With many different colors and designs available, your shower foundation will be personalized to match your own style. Are you prepared to find out more ?

Expert Shower Liners Raleigh

Shower Wall Replacement

Our exceptional team of toilet remodelers will honor you and your own time. We guarantee that our staff will always be on time and considerate while at your property. We put in showers of the maximum quality. The difficult multi-layer acrylic additionally prevents mold and mildew growth, requiring less maintenance compared to your previous shower. Throw away that wash brush as your bathtub will probably be cleaner and healthier than ever before ! Your bathtub liner will be personalized to match your shower. This permits us to supply you with many color and design choices to genuinely match your shower to your own requirements. Regardless of your preferences, our specialists will make the shower you’ve always imagined. Our revolutionary procedure enables us to work at any shower foundation to custom-fabricate a fresh liner. Our procedure is designed to ensure a watertight match for your new bathtub liner. From substitute shower foundations to shower lining replacements, our specialists can help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

Expert Shower Wall Surrounds Raleigh

Shower Wall Setup

Installing fresh bathtub partitions for you is straightforward. Our specialists require detailed measurements and photographs to make a shower environment that perfectly matches your current space. Your bathtub surround is entirely customized to fit your tastes from the colors and patterns into the accessories such as shower shelving. Can you wash and wash your shower, just to be left using the exact same greyish color?

It could be time for you to upgrade your bathtub. Together with NC Installations, remodeling does not need to be the cluttered, time-consuming, costly job you’re imagining! With many different colors, styles and patterns, we could replace your shower surround to produce the toilet you are dreaming about! Our revolutionary process allows our specialists to upgrade your own shower in no more than one day. Your bathtub enclosure will be built utilizing the toughest oil to protect against chips, cracks, and dents. Not only can your own shower stand until the daily traffic, but it is going to also be low-maintenance. The non-porous substance resists development of mold and mildew and buildup of grime and dirt, which means you’re going to have peace-of-mind your bathtub is cleaner and healthier than ever before.

Expert Barrier Free Showers Raleigh

Barrier Free Shower Base

Installing disability showers does not have to be a costly, lengthy procedure. Toilet Earth can supply you with the reasonably priced remodel you’re searching for, and our specialists can get your new toilet prepared to use in as little as a single day! For people who prefer to devote their 15 minutes of comfort in a shower, a barrier free shower is an excellent alternative to your walk-in bathtub. The very low barrier shower includes an open side that’s flat to the ground, which gets rid of the barrier of stepping within a high bathtub wall and readily enables wheelchair accessibility. This exceptional shower flooring is the best answer for people who have restricted mobility to maintain their bathing freedom.

Our specialists employ an innovative method to effectively take measurements of your current space and custom match a barrier free shower foundation to your toilet. Besides being simpler to get, we can give you many different accessories, such as built-in seats, grab bars, customized shelving and much more! All our products are made utilizing a challenging acrylic that will not crack, dent or chip. You can make certain your shower will keep its sleek appearance and look for many years to come. Furthermore, our barrier free shower will be simple to wash. The durable material resists dirt and dirt buildup and prevents development of mold and mildew. Not only does your bathtub be easier than ever to utilize, but it is going to also be cleaner and healthier.

Expert Shower Doors Raleigh

Shower Door Installation
Regardless of the look you’re trying to accomplish with your new toilet, a brand-new glass doorway to your shower might be the ideal addition you’re searching for. The Vast Array of finishes we provide to our shower door shower and replacement sticks includes: Brushed Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Polished Chrome, Polished Gold, Satin Chrome, White… We provide optional glass finishes for our shower doors: Clear, rain, adhesive chip or vague. Our contemporary platinum brand shower doors include, standard skip sliders, swing doors and fashionable S-curve skip doors. For people who would rather keep it easy, pick from normal straight shower rods or space-expanding, up-to-date curved shower rods. You can guarantee your remodel will probably be hassle-free once you work with us. Our bathroom renovation is your solution for any family seeking to upgrade their toilet with no mess and higher cost of traditional remodeling.

Expert Bathtub Replacements Raleigh

Bathtub Replacement Company

Our Raleigh bath replacements are all designed to fit seamlessly into your current space. With many different styles and colors, you can personalize your tub to suit your home’s appearance. Not only are our bathroom replacements trendy, but they’re also amazingly durable, standing as much as chips, dents, fading, mold, and mildew. Our bathroom experts take detailed measurements and images to make certain your bathtub is custom-fitted to a toilet for easy setup. As little as a day, our highly trained installation team will replace your old bathtub with a new one! We’ve been supplying houses like yours with easy renovations for ages. Is your old tub becoming hard to wash ? Are there any unsightly chips and cracks that seem to multiply every day? A bathroom replacement does not need to be a time-consuming mess. NC INSTALLATIONS is a bathroom remodeling company designed with the objective of supplying you with the toilet renovation of your dreams in as little as one day and in a fraction of the price.

New Bathtubs Raleigh

New Bathtub Installation Business

Our specialists have engineered a procedure which permits us to set up a customized tub that fits perfectly in the area of your current bathtub or shower. Not only are our bathtubs exceptionally durable, but they’re also given in several styles and colors to guarantee an entirely glistening appearance. If your issue is availability, we could even install walk-in baths to create your daily routine simpler than ever. With security features like grab bars and built in chairs, our walk-in baths offer an extra degree of independence for anyone who have limited mobility.

Expert Bathtub Surrounds Raleigh

Bathtub Walls

Time-consuming, expensive, messy, gutted bathroom remodels are such a hassle and can lead to a fantastic deal of strain in your loved ones. Together with NC INSTALLATIONS, you can have your tub walls replaced as little as a day! Make your bathroom a refuge as opposed to an embarrassment. Our procedure entails taking detailed measurements and images of your toilet to personalize your new bathtub walls to perfectly match your bathtub and accommodate any fashion you would like. Our specialists can then set up your new bathtub surround, fast and efficiently developing a brand-new look and feel to your toilet. All our top-quality goods are made from durable acrylic which stands up to everyday wear and tear. It resists mildew and mold development ! The grout-free layout is low-maintenance, which makes it simpler to keep your toilet clean. We stand by our work and give you a limited lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee to back this up.

Expert Bathtub Liners Raleigh

Bathtub Remodeling Company

Not only are our goods long-lasting and simple to install, however they’re also low-maintenance. Our oil lining is a non-porous substance which helps resist the growth of mold, and our grout-free layout removes the need for scrubbing. You may be certain your new tub will need minimal cleaning.

Oftentimes, only a simple wipe of warm vinegar and water does the occupation. Is your tub beginning to seem a bit worse for the wear? You do not need to take care of the mess of a building project simply to upgrade your tub! Our tub liners are designed to fit right over your current bathtub, so nothing needs to be replaced! The challenging acrylic shell on the bathtub liners is very durable and readily withstands daily wear and tear. Our installation specialists also guarantee that a perfectly-fitted bathtub by taking detailed measurements to custom manufacture a bathtub lining that prevents water leakage !

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